Welcome to camp, hookers!

‘Tis the season for rekindling old Tinder flames to keep your toes warm, spit roasts, watching your neighbour chop wood shirtless in his backyard, and breaking out shamefully overstuffed vacuum packs full of $300 leather jackets you can’t afford – but truth be told, there’s only one thing that can light our fires this (almost) winter.

Harry Styles in a powder blue Gucci suit.

Gaga in Oscars afterglow.

And celebrities rocking up to the most frivolous event of the year in outfits that could put a yawn in an over-caffeinated ADD student’s throat.


This year, we’re in for a real treat. Last October (arguably the Campiest month of the year–Halloween, duh), Anna Wintour anointed ‘Camp’ as the theme of the 2019 Gala. And in even greater news, The Gaytriarchy (Gaga, Harry Styles, and… Serena Williams (?) – don’t worry, we’re still figuring that one out too) have officially been given free reign over this years Met Gala as hosts.

As we countdown to the Big Day, we have selflessly given up our time to be your official Camp Counsellors (clipboard and craft supplies included). It’s time to forget your troubles, point your heels to heaven and pop a Valium because we’re about to artificially inseminate you with the sacred spirit of Camp.

So without further ado, we present to you the ultimate Camp survival kit: ROODMOOD’s ‘12 Days of the Met’.

Photo: Rolling Stone.

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